Friday, July 1, 2011

Herion Diaries

This place is.....
Dark, damp, dirty, dingy,
Everyone's beyond fucked up, doped with God knows what substance,
My skin...damaged, broken, dry
I look at you with this syringe, it's sucking up this disgusting, brown liquid,

You give me a sloppy smirk, your eyes barely open, "Ready?" you slur,
"Uh-huh." I mange to half way groan.
What am I even getting ready for? I think.
You take my arm,
Without warning, you jam the needle into my vein, feeding it every bit, every drop.

There goes that familiar rush.
I can feel the lethal, disgusting liquid traveling through my every vein,
My veins protrude from my skin,
The room is violently spinning,
My eyes flickering.

Tense, yet relaxed,
Paraniod, yet carefree,
My stomach consorts and twist,
My gut tightens and melts all at once.

Now it's done, I'm complete,
Completely a different fucker,
All my henious, anarchy and heartlessness comes from that dirty needle,
Through my veins,
Entering my bloodstream.

Suddenly, everything's...blurry,
My chest constricts as if my lungs will collapse at any given second,
I think i'm suffocating,
I  gasp for air, I try to cough, inhale,
I try anything and everything so I can breathe the oxygen to Earth's atmosphere provides me with.

Here I am, dying,
Fallen on the floor hearing these faint laughters and screams and voices,
This floor is so fucking frigid, piercing cold,
Or maybe that's my skin and body tempature,
Everything feels so cold and icy.

Everything's black.

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Anonymous said...

This one is scary. I'm not sure I like it just because of how authentic it feels. You did an excellent job of bringing your reader in. I like that it is so painful and so honest, but it does scare me.

I don't know why my account is being so weird. I hope they fix the comment thing soon, so I can comment normally. Mrs. Benson