Sunday, July 17, 2011


Dear Kurt,

Fuck you. Fuck You. Fuck you. Fuck You. Fuck you. Fuck You. Fuck you. Fuck You. Fuck you. Fuck You.
Fuck you. Fuck You. Fuck you. Fuck You. Fuck you. Fuck You. Fuck you. Fuck You. Fuck you. Fuck You.
Fuck you. Fuck You. Fuck you. Fuck You. Fuck you. Fuck You. Fuck 
Fuck you. 
How could you do this to me? To Francis?! We fucking love you, but you had to be a selfish bastard and throw it all away! Did we mean absolutely nothing to you?! What about your music? Your fucking fans? You fucking lair! You wanted to be huge and famous, you wanted to be a fucking rockstar, you wanted a family, then you fucking shoot yourself?! You know how agonizing it was to walk up into our greenhouse and see you...dead? Lifeless?! No offense, but you looked fucking gross. Paler than ever, pasty-green, bloody- and lets not forget that little fragment of your skull with your hair and brain shit all over it. Then to fucking cremate  you? Then see all your fans crying their eyeballs out in pain? Kurt, why couldn't you just listen to Dave, Krist, Eric and all the others? And me?! We wanted to help! We got in distress seeing you taking heroin and over dosing on the middle of the fucking floor!
But none of that was good enough, not even your own fucking daughter. That's all she'll ever probably know. For all I know, she'll think she wasn't good enough to have a father in her life. All she'll know is that her Daddy was this famous rockstar "icon" addicted to drugs then killed himself!
See what you do to me? All I wanted to do was be the greatest female guitar player and marry someone with a rockstar with a great fucking nose and....FUCK!!!
I knew you didn't love yourself and you probably never would, fucking excuse me for thinking me and Francis love would've made up for that,but it didn't.

Where ever the fuck you are...
Fuck you.
I love you.
Francis loves you.
We love you.
Hate, Courtney


Christine Benson said...

I remember this day VERY well. I know a lot of people who felt exactly like this. People were sooooo pissed. You captured it very well. Nicely done!

Anonymous said...

I think the over use of the F word drowns out her pain and anger inflicted with what Kurt did. I get she is a very upset fan, I loved Kurt Cobain too, and am angry with his suicide, but if you put more deep anger in, and took out 'Fuck' I could see the true pain in losing a role model instead of seeing a pissed off teen.
I like that you wrote a letter to him.

- Darrah

Alex Marshall said...

Courtney Love over uses the F word alot, so that's why I probably overuse it. I tried to get at her level, I would be using every cuss word in the book if I was in her position.

Darrah Michelle :) said...

Lol Christine explained this to me. I guess I couldn't relate because I don't know of her very well.