Sunday, August 28, 2011


You’re my nicotine.
I crave you every minute of the awakening day,
I dream of you in the darkest of nights,
I want to swallow you whole, inhale every bit of you,
Infecting my lungs, you kill me little by little,
But you make me feel so free and content, buzzed and at ease,
You taste so good, I don’t want to exhale one bit of you,
You taste so good, but you’re so horrible for me.
You’re my nicotine.

Friday, August 19, 2011

It Just Feels Right.

...And in the begining,
Everything is brand new,
Fresh, eciting, polished and shiny,
Everything said and done feels right,
Like it's the way things should be,
Ecstatic, carefree, stable and smitten.

Then there comes a point where you become aburtlry terrifed,
Thoughts looming in your mind, taunting you,
"One day, this will all fade."
Like a fire cut from it's oxygen source,
Nothing to ignite off of, no fuel,
No passion, no thrill, no excite,

And once the fire fades out complteyly,
All you have is debris of it all,
The passion, the thrill, the excitiment, that rush of intense ecsaty,
It's all burnt crisp,
Too much damage done to restore it back to life, to its rightful health.

Nothing is infinite,
All good things must come to an end,
But where you stand now is so...nice, calming, freeing and anticipating,
You want to stand in that spot forever,
Holding there hand,
Under the sun,
Even when it's cloudy,
In the rain,
Even when it's storming,
Through the snow,
Even when it's piercing cold,
Cause holding there hand is all you need and is what you always come back at the end of the day through all the chaos.

It's one of those things in life that just feels right,
Like the way things should be.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Lovers With A Reason.

Light up the cigarette,
Inhale the nicotine,
Let the ashes fall onto the moist pavement of the city streets,
Let the soothing, blissful, toxicating smoke buzz into your mind,
Traveling throughout your bloodstream,
Pumping its way into your heart.

Lets walk around the city,
Look up at the starless sky the city light blinds,
Lets walk around the city,
Not rebels without a cause,
But lovers with a reason,
Your hand in mine,
I can feel your pluse pumping faster and harder into my hand,
I grip back harder in pesponse.

Flick the cigarette,
Exhale the nicotine,
Stomp and smash it into thr pavement of the city streets,
Lean your head close to mines,
So close to where what air you breathe out I breathe in,

Your chocolate brown eyes shimmering from the city lights,
Your anxious hands still wrapped up all in mine,
Let our lips touch,
Tasting the menthol and nicotine from our cigarettes.

Let your emotions linger from your heart to mine,
Let them connect,
Lets feel them together as one,
We’re not rebels without a cause,
But lovers with a reason.

Friday, August 5, 2011


I use to hide in the shadows,
Staying inside the hollow,
Invisible to every awaken eye,
Incredulous to every possibility ever being found,
I thought I would dwell inside myself,
Never letting anyone into my soul,
Never letting another bruise loom across my skin from hands that were suppose to gently touch my heart,
Never letting words convince me that i'm as rare and exquisite like a diamond buried deep down in to the rough,
Never giving my mind, soul or heart away for anyone to cherish,
Because they've all been shattered into a million pieces that I've had to stitch back together,
Creating them to be harsh and barely indestructible,

But then you said, "Hello." to me,
Not just any ordinary, "Hello.",
A"Hello." that put colour upon my cheeks and filled my stomach with butterflies and got my heart pounding like an earthquake,
I remember walking away with a huge, beaming smile plastered upon my face,
"He notice me." was all I could think,
You took your time to come into my hollow and greet me with no harm, You found me,
And ever since then I've been out of my shadow,
Walking into the sunshine looking up to the blue, graceful sky,
I'm no longer skeptical of all the possibilities in the world,
I'm no longer bitter and stubborn to myself,
You changed my mind when no one else could and convinced me there's still hope and beauty glimmering throughout the skies,
Ever since the day you held me,
Bare and warm looking into my eyes, I knew you were....different,
I knew you would always look at me like that no matter what,
Ever since that day I knew I would love you,
I don't know when, where or how it'll happen,
You don't have to love me back or give your heart away to me,
You looking at me with those deep, warm brown eyes and holding me, savoring the moment is good enough for me.


I have a voice.

It's not being used the way it should be.

My voice doesn't deserve to be locked up inside a chamber,
It deserves to speak up for itself,
Deserves to be heard,
Not under pressure,
Not because it has to,
Because it wants to.

I want my voice to not hold back,
I want my voice to talk to fear,
Say what needs to be said.

To speak truth and not lies,
Be bliss and not ignorant,
To be educated and no foolish,
To fill up a room with courage and not awe,
Sound smooth as butter,
Not rough and rigid like sand paper.

I have a voice.

I plan on using it the way it should be.


Twilight greets the hour,
The horizon burgundy violet,
Twinkle, Twinkle glimmers the stars,
How I wonder how far you are.

Have I been blessed or cursed?
Am I alive or just a a zombie?
Do I breathe off of the air the Heavens and God provides me,
Or do I breathe off of the blood and flesh ready to attack like a frantic shark?

I defy life and death,
Will I fly to Heaven and meet my Father,
Or shall I fall into Hell appalling the Devil?
Is it possible to be in between?
Greeted by Angels as Demons watch in the shadow,
Looking into a ray of light as a dreadful darkness creeps upon me...

Life loves to throw mishaps onto my lap,Testing on which side should I choose,
What should I do...
It's all so much,
Too much to a point where I've fallen onto a despairing pathway,
To a point where I even question my life and it's worth living for

Yet I'm so frighten by the thought of even remotely dying,
Even more frighten that I have to breathe to remember I'm still alive.