Thursday, June 30, 2011

Miles Away From Home

I walked for miles and miles, didn't find a thing,
No truth, no trust,
No love or peace,
The sun was so weak,
There was hardly any warmth.

I walked for miles and miles trying to find answers,
I ran way and now there's nowhere to go,
But then again, I've experienced worse.

And then I close my eyes and see the place where I once lived,

I was absurd to think I could become happy,
Under a secure shelter- I was more under a ruthless Hell,
But it's all over now,
Then I open up my eyes...

I think I'll go back home,
Blind and deaf,
I won't have to hear the screams or see the tears,
I would go back home with a smile,
The roads aren't clear, it's too dangerous,
I guess I can go another mile,
Another mile away from home sure sounds nice.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

it is so sad that this is reality for some kids. Their lives so messed up that the streets are easier. You captured the struggle these kids deal with very well.

Mrs. Benson