Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Patience, My Dear.

My Lord, My Savior,
God knows that I'm trying to be patient,
God knows I'm waiting for that moment,
The moment when everything is suddenly clearer- or so that's what John Lennon thinks,
The moment when I've fallen in love.

I've thought I loved once or maybe twice,
But I was only infatuated, more so with the idea than the person,
God knows I'm trying to be patient,
For someone to approach me, witty, charm, irresistible smile,
Eyes I could float in, since I struggle  to swim,
Hand that can heal and not bruise,
To look up to the sky, sun descending with cotton candy clouds,
Violet horizon.

Run the city streets, rushing past the lights and cars and buildings and people,
To go to concerts, breathing in everyone's excitement and energy,
Cherishing every second as the sound thumps against our hearts,
Traveling throughout our bodies,
To cuddle with,
Sharing smiles,
Shedding tears,
To have laughs with.

To sit in silence and not expect each other to say anything,
Because the moment is already beyond perfect without needing to say one word or sigh one sigh,
To even think about the flaws we have are fine,
Cause that's what makes us who we are,
God knows exactly want I want and need,

I can be patient.

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Christine Benson said...

Glad you got unstuck. This is beautiful! It is so hard to remember patience when you are anxiously waiting. But it sure is a peaceful feeling when it comes.