Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Is there a reason?
Or is this inexplicable?
We tread on the tarmac leading us to God knows where,
Where ever you go,
Don't let them appraise you,
Be conclusive to any doubt they give you.

I know you loathe the mistakes you've made,
You live, you learn,
Inhale it all in,
Let it race into your head, pulsing vigorously,
The exhale it all out,
Push it all, force it,
Like an enormous wave crashing into the shore,

Paint that gorgeous smile on,
Colour your cheeks, rosy pink,
There's always a reason,
But somethings are inexplicable,
Don't try to fathom it,
It was always incomprehensible,

Now is your chance to a new beginning,
Undergoing adolescence,
You might not even understand yourself,
Just keep treading and revving through the mishaps thrown at you,
You'll discover something greater than yourself.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I like this much better than the past incerpts. I understand what you mean by just trying to get through and grow up so it doesn't hurt anymore. This one brought me to my past and how much I struggled with the new found problems thrown my way. Well done.

- Darrah