Thursday, June 30, 2011

Miles Away From Home

I walked for miles and miles, didn't find a thing,
No truth, no trust,
No love or peace,
The sun was so weak,
There was hardly any warmth.

I walked for miles and miles trying to find answers,
I ran way and now there's nowhere to go,
But then again, I've experienced worse.

And then I close my eyes and see the place where I once lived,

I was absurd to think I could become happy,
Under a secure shelter- I was more under a ruthless Hell,
But it's all over now,
Then I open up my eyes...

I think I'll go back home,
Blind and deaf,
I won't have to hear the screams or see the tears,
I would go back home with a smile,
The roads aren't clear, it's too dangerous,
I guess I can go another mile,
Another mile away from home sure sounds nice.


I am going to escape for awhile,
Pretty please don't try to follow me.
I tried to make the best out of everything I had which was nothing.
All the mistakes I made,
All the things I've done to cure my despair that only made matters worse...

Traveling endlessly on the bleak road where nothing lays ahead,
I've lost my way back home,
Hell might never try to find me,
But boy, misery sure does love some company.

Now I'm running from the anguish,
From the fear,
Running, because I'm afraid what's behind me.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Your (Ex-)Lover's Gone.

Is this the place the heavens frown upon?
It's just the place the Devil can find us.
Disdain the one that always tempts evil.
But we converse and yearn for their support.
So run the the hearth and burn all the fondness.
Save all the ashes to remind us...

The time as lovers,
The time under fall skies,
Now nothing is fine,

Departing months that you've desolated me.
Wailing the months you've showed apathy.
If they part sweet then we would part bitter.
It leaves a lethal taste in my mouth.
I don't mind, I wander the bleak roads.
I just ride til day has passed us.

The time as lovers is gone,
Under fall skies,
Nothing is fine,


Abandoned, left out in the starless night,
Piercing and lonesome.
Carless winds whisper in the shadows, obscure.

You conceal your dingy hands from everyone,
Because you're pure and sane.
What sunlight can beam over the hazy night you hide in?

I want to be cleansed from the fiends in the shadows,
The water's masking over me,
I've washed to the shore.

You're living the dream that I can never grasp,
Vivid and soil-rich.
The devil keeps haunting the beaming sky, from me.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Bleeding Out All That Use To Matter.

Blades graze on to my skin and I bleed out,
I bleed out to know I'm still alive because simply breathing is not good enough.
My blood extends on to the abyss, black floor,
Traveling, flowing like an endless river.

I've been in undescriable agony for much time now,
It's impossiable for me to recuperate,
My flaws overtook me,
Leading to my faults.

All the mistakes I've made keep piling up,
Becoming too shameful to bear with and too much to cloak,
I am a disgrace to you and your achivements.

I dig the blades deeper into my hollow skin,
I bleed out all the hope, all the colour,
But with the little bit of hope that has not yet escaped,
I inhale what I hope to be my last breath of air.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Written: 6-10-10
Love heals,
Love hurts,
Love is good,
Love is bad,
Love is why we smile,
Love is why we frown.

Can we start again...?
For goodness sake!
...Because I miss you.
Yes I do,
No I don't,
I dunno.

Can you look at my face,
The way you did before when things were semi-okay?
I never complained,
Oh maybe a little,
Did I ever complain?
I didn't wanna be alone,
I wanted to be in love.

So can we start again...?
You're so diffucult,
You're so critcal,
You're so frikin' girly.

Maybe you're not for me,
I sure thought so,
I hoped,
No prayed,
But hoped for you,
Can't get what we want,
So I have to make more room for your non-existing presences.

Love heals,
Love hurts,
Love is good,
Love is bad,
Love is why we smile,
Love is why we frown.

A Damaged Fix

Written : 4-6-10
Even though the pieces are back together,
Everything still seems like it's broken,
I feel like I've left somethings unsaid,
I would like to share,
But you wouldn't care.

As I lay across your chest,
you look so unsure and you lay so still,
I try to catch your eye as they stare off into space,
But you never pay attention,
So I close mine.

Then I lean for what would be our last kiss,
I'd do anything to feel your lips,
I walked around foolishly when you went the opposite way,
It was pretty unpredictable,
But I saw it coming anyways.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I Feel At Ease. I Think I'm Free.

I gaze through the crystal clear window on a hot summer day,
The suns rays toast my golden, honey skin as the gentle breeze wipes away the beams of sweat trickling down from my pores.
Freshly squeezed lemons pours down my throat, the sweet, tingly taste makes my tongue dance with joy.
The blossomed tress and the blossomed flowers electrify my eyes, looking left, looking right, then up into the dreamy, peach sky.
Birds chirp, "Farewell." as the fireflies buzz, "Good evening."
All the advance technology is no where in sight, it's only mother nature and I inhaling the harmonious, solitary evening.
The sun yawns, "I'm exhausted." as the moon takes charge saying, "I'm ready."
Moonshine glimmers off the lakes floor, The Smiths There is A Light That Never Goes Out, magically introduces itself to the air with a delightful passion creating a reflective mood.
I'm finally no longer a rebel without a cause, I am no longer against the world,
Hollering and swearing to the Heavens, "Why?" and saluting to Hell, "How?"
                           Free from myself

Walking A Thousand Miles In My Awaken Dream.

I've walked a thousand miles, my feet nude, stepping on the burning sand,
The intense heat turns into cooling air as the sun descends.
I've walked a thousand miles and discovered love, hope and bravery,
But behind all those qualities I had unfortunately discovered blissful hatred, pessimism and fear.

I rested with you while on my unpredictable journey,
Being in your arms I wish I had died so I wouldn't have to get up without your consolatory tenderness that would follow me through my haunting days,
I wish I would've died in your arms so I wouldn't have to wake up with the stabbing truth.

I've walked a thousand miles with a dagger clasped in my heart,
Wearing a afflictive, but disarming smile,
Looking up to the sky, asking it to shower tears,
Feed the soil for they thirst,
Give me purity and wash away the dirt that clings to my skin.

I've walked a thousand miles, my voyage comes to a bitter end,
I walked a thousand miles and I've never been so exasperated in my awaken dream...

Look Up To The Blue Skies Once The Grey Clouds Have Perished(:

The blue skies will be released after the grey clouds perish,
I look to you for good news my ears haven't heard in so long.
The rain has washed away the debris,
And the remians weaken and lessen,
But I refuse to mold into waste and be washed away, I refuse...

I took you for better or worst and we held hands and walked through the thick fog,
But we lost our grip.

Now I grasp to what I thought I knew,
And hold onto the memories,
I hold onto the memories for they're the only thing that'll never change.
And I won't be forsaken again in this vacent region,
Maybe I should go back home to where God doesn't even know where.
I've been a living corspe needed to be resurrect,
But i'm scared for what will be waiting if I make myself vulnerable...

But there'll be a future where you won't have to hold back tears,
And the despair that lays deep within your heart will soon disappear,
If you get up from the gutter and purify yourself with faith and prospect that's been waiting for you.

If Only They Knew.

I sat on my throne, but they overrode me
With a strong, mighty force.
Then they took my crown and shattered it without shame,
And burned the remaning pieces into a grave.

They stood outside my castle and rioted til the breaking of dawn,
Howling words of hatred like a wolf howls at a full moon.

They took everything,
But they didn't realize,
I've stumbled upon broken glass,
I've drowned in solitude,
And though i've always been surrounded by extravagent luxeries,
I've felt nothing but hapless.

They've taken everything, but they never realized
I had nothing to lose in the first place.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Demon in Disguise

Through the veins, I heard them sang,
I'll swallow 100 pills a day and never be cured from this sickening woe.
Her smile brightens the darkest days the sky cast over us like she's God Angel.
I know what you are, a Demon in disguise,
I knew what you were, I should've never trusted with my words.
Maybe...I'm easy...May be a fool...
I feel like a cheap cigarette from a deceiving mouth.
I think we need Holy water,
but your possessed with the Devil's mind with your angelic face.
I scream to the heavens when you drag my soul to Hell,
I never should've trusted you with my words...