Thursday, July 14, 2011


I thought I knew you.
Compassionate, carefree, loving,
Always adored by the other flocks,
Wanted, desired, envied,
I wanted that.

You portrayed a beautiful, alluring swan,
Barely touchable,
I, by your side was a gloomy ugly duckling,
Utterly shunned.
I wanted to

But now I know what you are...
Impulsive, frantic, unholy,
You're a vulture,
Feeding off of the flesh beneath you,
The flesh of those who cannot recuperate themesleves from harms ways,
You're a vulture feeding your flock with lies and others secrets.

I know who I am,
I'm the fucking swan,
Graceful, kind, intriguing,
Your mesmerizing charter was just a distraction to the foolish eyes.

1 comment:

Christine Benson said...

Can not believe I have not commented on this one. I love it. Especially the last two stanzas!!! Beautifully powerful