Monday, July 4, 2011


I awaken at dawn,
Eyelids struggle to stay up,
I almost walk blind,
I slip into my dingy clothes and sear shoes.

The Queen hardly gives me any altercations,
She has belittled me, disdain me,
For I am infamous,
As her disobedient servant.

"Your work is TEDIOUS!", she hollers.
Her voice is filled with venom, ready to attack.
"You shall be fain to do anything I bid you to do! You shall NEVER defy me for I shall banish you from this Palace and my imperial grounds!"

I loathe her voice,
her voice speaks words I despise,
I despise myself for abiding her voice and stifle words.

I depart from her chamber into a dark hollow,
I knell by the grimy walls,
I purify the floor for the ones whom walk with Reign in the palm of their hands,
The one with Reign upon them will never understand the anguish thrusting through my veins,
As a creature of the sea thrust viciously through the water,

They'll never take obituary in my silent weeps of woe.


Anonymous said...

Wow! I love the vocab and the details.
Is this a complaint about chores?

Alex Marshall said...

No! I was sitting in the middle of physics class, bored then this came into my mind! ^.^