Thursday, July 14, 2011

Make Love

Lets make love,
I don't want to have sex,
I refuse to fuck,
I want to make love.

I want the window slightly open,
So the rain and thunder can ooze into the room,
Creating a blissful, desiring mood,
Under the creamy, silk sheets.

Your strong, tender arms to grip my curves, gently,
You board, chiseled, Greek-God body over me,
Protecting me from the worlds cruel antics,
My hourglass body is shown to you, more divine than ever,

Please, Love- Don't make a fool of me,
Caress me,
Hold me,
Thrill me,
Cherish me,
Love me shamelessly

Speak words of holiness,
Touch with appreciation,
Seek with fascination,
I am yours and you are mine.

Let the rain be as blissful as a joyous smile,
Let us make love for those who don't know how.

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