Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I Feel At Ease. I Think I'm Free.

I gaze through the crystal clear window on a hot summer day,
The suns rays toast my golden, honey skin as the gentle breeze wipes away the beams of sweat trickling down from my pores.
Freshly squeezed lemons pours down my throat, the sweet, tingly taste makes my tongue dance with joy.
The blossomed tress and the blossomed flowers electrify my eyes, looking left, looking right, then up into the dreamy, peach sky.
Birds chirp, "Farewell." as the fireflies buzz, "Good evening."
All the advance technology is no where in sight, it's only mother nature and I inhaling the harmonious, solitary evening.
The sun yawns, "I'm exhausted." as the moon takes charge saying, "I'm ready."
Moonshine glimmers off the lakes floor, The Smiths There is A Light That Never Goes Out, magically introduces itself to the air with a delightful passion creating a reflective mood.
I'm finally no longer a rebel without a cause, I am no longer against the world,
Hollering and swearing to the Heavens, "Why?" and saluting to Hell, "How?"
I'm finally...free.
                           Free from myself

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