Friday, June 24, 2011

Bleeding Out All That Use To Matter.

Blades graze on to my skin and I bleed out,
I bleed out to know I'm still alive because simply breathing is not good enough.
My blood extends on to the abyss, black floor,
Traveling, flowing like an endless river.

I've been in undescriable agony for much time now,
It's impossiable for me to recuperate,
My flaws overtook me,
Leading to my faults.

All the mistakes I've made keep piling up,
Becoming too shameful to bear with and too much to cloak,
I am a disgrace to you and your achivements.

I dig the blades deeper into my hollow skin,
I bleed out all the hope, all the colour,
But with the little bit of hope that has not yet escaped,
I inhale what I hope to be my last breath of air.

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