Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Your (Ex-)Lover's Gone.

Is this the place the heavens frown upon?
It's just the place the Devil can find us.
Disdain the one that always tempts evil.
But we converse and yearn for their support.
So run the the hearth and burn all the fondness.
Save all the ashes to remind us...

The time as lovers,
The time under fall skies,
Now nothing is fine,

Departing months that you've desolated me.
Wailing the months you've showed apathy.
If they part sweet then we would part bitter.
It leaves a lethal taste in my mouth.
I don't mind, I wander the bleak roads.
I just ride til day has passed us.

The time as lovers is gone,
Under fall skies,
Nothing is fine,


Christine Benson said...

OMG!! Start sending this stuff to poets and writers. If you go to their website they maintain a database for contests. You would definitely win. You are beyond amazing!!!

Anonymous said...

beautifully written, wow.

- Darrah