Friday, August 5, 2011


I have a voice.

It's not being used the way it should be.

My voice doesn't deserve to be locked up inside a chamber,
It deserves to speak up for itself,
Deserves to be heard,
Not under pressure,
Not because it has to,
Because it wants to.

I want my voice to not hold back,
I want my voice to talk to fear,
Say what needs to be said.

To speak truth and not lies,
Be bliss and not ignorant,
To be educated and no foolish,
To fill up a room with courage and not awe,
Sound smooth as butter,
Not rough and rigid like sand paper.

I have a voice.

I plan on using it the way it should be.

1 comment:

Christine Benson said...

For me this one started out strong and I could feel your power but by the end, it had fizzled out and I am not sure I was convinced of the power of your voice anymore.