Friday, August 5, 2011


Twilight greets the hour,
The horizon burgundy violet,
Twinkle, Twinkle glimmers the stars,
How I wonder how far you are.

Have I been blessed or cursed?
Am I alive or just a a zombie?
Do I breathe off of the air the Heavens and God provides me,
Or do I breathe off of the blood and flesh ready to attack like a frantic shark?

I defy life and death,
Will I fly to Heaven and meet my Father,
Or shall I fall into Hell appalling the Devil?
Is it possible to be in between?
Greeted by Angels as Demons watch in the shadow,
Looking into a ray of light as a dreadful darkness creeps upon me...

Life loves to throw mishaps onto my lap,Testing on which side should I choose,
What should I do...
It's all so much,
Too much to a point where I've fallen onto a despairing pathway,
To a point where I even question my life and it's worth living for

Yet I'm so frighten by the thought of even remotely dying,
Even more frighten that I have to breathe to remember I'm still alive.

1 comment:

Christine Benson said...

Trust me, in life there is always a place for a u-turn. Never ever give up on yourself! If you do, who can you count on?