Friday, August 19, 2011

It Just Feels Right.

...And in the begining,
Everything is brand new,
Fresh, eciting, polished and shiny,
Everything said and done feels right,
Like it's the way things should be,
Ecstatic, carefree, stable and smitten.

Then there comes a point where you become aburtlry terrifed,
Thoughts looming in your mind, taunting you,
"One day, this will all fade."
Like a fire cut from it's oxygen source,
Nothing to ignite off of, no fuel,
No passion, no thrill, no excite,

And once the fire fades out complteyly,
All you have is debris of it all,
The passion, the thrill, the excitiment, that rush of intense ecsaty,
It's all burnt crisp,
Too much damage done to restore it back to life, to its rightful health.

Nothing is infinite,
All good things must come to an end,
But where you stand now is so...nice, calming, freeing and anticipating,
You want to stand in that spot forever,
Holding there hand,
Under the sun,
Even when it's cloudy,
In the rain,
Even when it's storming,
Through the snow,
Even when it's piercing cold,
Cause holding there hand is all you need and is what you always come back at the end of the day through all the chaos.

It's one of those things in life that just feels right,
Like the way things should be.


Darrah Michelle :) said...

I like it, It's definitely the truth. lol

Christine Benson said...

I really like this style, but check your spelling and such. Some of your errors detract from the mood

newman said...

lovely - thanks to you