Friday, August 5, 2011


I use to hide in the shadows,
Staying inside the hollow,
Invisible to every awaken eye,
Incredulous to every possibility ever being found,
I thought I would dwell inside myself,
Never letting anyone into my soul,
Never letting another bruise loom across my skin from hands that were suppose to gently touch my heart,
Never letting words convince me that i'm as rare and exquisite like a diamond buried deep down in to the rough,
Never giving my mind, soul or heart away for anyone to cherish,
Because they've all been shattered into a million pieces that I've had to stitch back together,
Creating them to be harsh and barely indestructible,

But then you said, "Hello." to me,
Not just any ordinary, "Hello.",
A"Hello." that put colour upon my cheeks and filled my stomach with butterflies and got my heart pounding like an earthquake,
I remember walking away with a huge, beaming smile plastered upon my face,
"He notice me." was all I could think,
You took your time to come into my hollow and greet me with no harm, You found me,
And ever since then I've been out of my shadow,
Walking into the sunshine looking up to the blue, graceful sky,
I'm no longer skeptical of all the possibilities in the world,
I'm no longer bitter and stubborn to myself,
You changed my mind when no one else could and convinced me there's still hope and beauty glimmering throughout the skies,
Ever since the day you held me,
Bare and warm looking into my eyes, I knew you were....different,
I knew you would always look at me like that no matter what,
Ever since that day I knew I would love you,
I don't know when, where or how it'll happen,
You don't have to love me back or give your heart away to me,
You looking at me with those deep, warm brown eyes and holding me, savoring the moment is good enough for me.


Darrah Michelle :) said...

Spelling and grammer issues but other than that i really like this one as well

Christine Benson said...

I like some of the imagery in here. It felt a bit too long. I had the point long before you were done. I think it would be good to stop at "you found me"