Wednesday, November 23, 2011


I dunno whether to fear death or be intrigued by it,
Is there an afterlife or just death?
Should I look forward to my death or shall I fear it?
I picture it to be one of two ways;
Being free of sins, sorrow and suffering in an infinite world of enlightenment- a pure, sane paradise,
Your thoughts and feelings are still intact with your spirit,
Hovering over the ones you love,
Being in their presence when you're in their thoughts.
(Maybe that'll be Heaven)
Or being nothing,
You have no spirit or soul,
No thoughts are feelings,
You just simply die in an enternal abyss of blackness,
Never to exisit again,
Your fingerprints have faded on everything you ever touched,
You have no memories of ever being alive,
You just don't exisit,
You're nothing, forever.

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