Wednesday, November 23, 2011

(Another) 7-21-11

Excuse me while I try to clear my throat,
It's hard to talk when there seems to be a razor slicing my flesh,
Tears begin to swell up,
Ready to descend upon my cheeks,
My fist clinched wanting to attack,
Like an eagle plunging for its prety,
Overflowing with livid-ness as I watch you walk away from me-from us with such a casual indifference,
Anguish now creeps up upon me,
Throbbing my head and pulsing into my now fragial heart,
I want to ran after you,
Grab you,
Kick you,
Curse you,
Make you change your mind,
But you're pretty obsinate,
In silence,
I let memories loom into my mind,
Letting the anguish take over my sanity,
Letting my world turn ice-cold and bleak.

1 comment:

Christine Benson said...

Watch spelling. This one must have been one you had to get out before you lost it. I can feel the anxiety. However, the haste takes over the mood of the piece. A little tweak here and there will make the feeling more focused.