Wednesday, November 23, 2011


I'm standing dangeroulsy close to a
thick, sharp knife.
I'm not trying to kill myself, but
I don't think it would be so
terrible if it happen to stab through my skin.
I don't mean to malice myself,
I just wouldn't mind the pain.
It would sullenly make its way
in and spread throughout my body like
a vicious virus-
It could be worse,
pain is only temporary.
I would know.
I've been bashed with fist
of gruffed words, kicked in the guts because
of my disappointments,
I've dorwned in my own
self inflicted solitude, my vocal cords
have been tampered with becuase my words
aren't superior enough to be heard and
metals and debris weigh down
my feet and my delicate hands, bruising
me lividly,
That's why I don't mind stand dangerously close to this thick, sharp knife,
It could be worse and I've
been through worse.

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