Friday, October 14, 2011

Only When It's Midnight.

I can feel the silk,
'Can taste your cotton candy lips,
See the candles glimmer throughout the room,
'Can smell the musk and roses,
Hear the faint music of our favorite band,
It just hit midnight-our favorite time,
It's a brand new day to start it all again,
My baby angel,
My cutthroat diamond,
I'm your baby-doll,
Cuddle with me,
I'll give you sweet dreams.

You feel my skin,
Can taste the cigarettes,
See the scars stretched upon my body,
You can smell the musk and roses,
Hear our favorite band,
It's midnight,
Lets start all over,
Baby angel,
Cutthroat diamond,
Come grab your baby-doll,
Cuddle with her,
She'll give you sweet dreams.

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