Monday, October 17, 2011

Bare Your Soul #1

When I looked into her crystal, glassy, brown eyes, I saw every onuce of pain. I was looking into her soul. I don’t know what, how, when or why, but I saw everything. She’s vulnerable-she keeps stitching herself close, but they snap open every time. How she crosses her arms, how she looks else-where, shunning your eyes, how she hesitates to speak-that’s her hiding in her shell. Yet here she is now, climbing out of her shell, shedding off the exterior skin, glassy eyes and all, bare naked. I think she’s inviting me into her soul. I think she wants me to explore every aching bone and heal them. I think she wants me to paint that gorgeous rosy-pink color onto her canvas-cheeks.
She needs me.
She’s scared that I’ll hurt her. I hate knowing that she thinks that. I could love her. Love her like no other. Make her smile, laugh and appreciate life once again. She’s scared I’m just like the others. Lord knows, I’m not. Ever since I saw her-bronze, sun-kissed skin, plump, cherry lips, brown-sugar eyes, a smile that could bring world peace and flowing, black, glistening hair, I knew I could love her-I would love her. And she knew that when I saw her. And now she knows she could love me.


Christine said...

This is very good Alex. It still needs some tweaking. Some of the sentences leave the subject too vague and some of the details are a bit much (like when she was first seen). Other than that, I love the premise. Keep working on it.

Anonymous said...

This is really good, don't give up on this you have something special. Your Special.