Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Fuck You, Fear.

Warm, fresh tears engulf my eyes,
I sit here without a cause,
Without a purpose,
My fear has become reality,
I am nothing.

What I had made me feel acknowledged and sincerely desired,
I remember feeling the fear creeping up on me,
Knowing it was hiding in my shadows,
Lurking beneath me,
Stalking my inner sanity an soon enough,
The fear captured me,
The fear had intruded my mind, soul and heart,
It crawled through my veins and dragged itself upon my skin,

And now?
Well, the fear has won.

It had spread,
Not only invading myself,
But to the one thing that made my world worth living in,
That made myself feel ignited and as powerful and passionate as a raging fire,
The fear got to the one thing I genuinely cherished and treasured and it sickened their insides,
Invading them as it invaded me.

And now?
They're gone.

Now i'm sitting in my deserted, bleak world letting the tears escape my eyes,
Trailing down my bitter skin,
Mending with the bleak ground,
I am infinitely nothing,
All thanks to fear.

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